FIFA 18 Player Review: Sanchez

In Manchester Derby, the outstanding players Pogba and Sanchez have become the focus of the recent Premier League, then How are the two players in FIFA 18? How to use them? Here’s a review at FIFA 18 Sanchez’s stats.

Manchester United takes Sanchez from the Gunner when winter transfer, in the first few games he just joined Man United, the performance was not so good, but with the deepening of the game, his performance is getting better and better. In FIFA 18, Sanchez is also a combination of strong psychological and strength attributes, which is also in line with the characteristics of Mourinho’s choice of players. Aggression, position, and vision all reached 80 points or more. All of his physical  stats are pretty good, in addition to strength.

FIFA 18 Sanchez

However, unlike Pogba, Sanchez’s pace attributes are also quite high. Although the two speed attributes are not the top level, but it is enough. 87 reaction, 90 agility and 87 balance. he has a strong ability of interception.

About his skills, his dribbling and ball control have 90 and 87 points, he has all the attributes of being a nice forward.

With Sanchez’s great threat to the opponent’s backcourt and containment, Pogba will be able to play his talents at his best position. The tacit cooperation of the two core players allowed Man United beat Man City. It also gives fans more reason to expect Man United to be able to bring more exciting matches.

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