FIFA 18 Player Review: SALAH

We have talked about  FIFA 18 Player Review: Aguero & Jesus last article , today we will talk about another FIFA 18 Player Review: SALAH

From unobtrusive to outstanding performance, from 83 to 98, Salah with a speed of 99 conquered the world, and now Salah is the most fierce player in the Premier League or even football world. However, the career path of this player is not easy sailing. Here we will bring you the analysis of Salah’s career and data in FIFA18. If you are Interested in it then you should not miss it.


Five years ago, as a representative of Basel scored a goal in the Champions League group match against Chelsea, he became the first Egyptian player to be signed in Blues history. In the first game on behalf of Chelsea, he scored a goal for the team and helped the Blues defeat Arsenal with six goals. This seems to be a perfect beginning, but did not expect it is one of his few shining moments at Stamford Bridge.


Don’t want to spend time on the bench he chose to rent to join Florence. Once again, he performed well in the favor of the giants. This time, it was the Italian capital team Rome that gave him an olive branch. In Rome, he gradually recovered his position and scored double goals in two consecutive seasons, allowing him to regain confidence. In Rome, he gradually recovered his state and the number of goals scored for two seasons allowed him to regain his confidence.


For Premier League Liverpool who believe in attacking, such a player is obviously they can not miss. Last summer, Liverpool spent 42 million euros to invite him. Despite the high price, the deal was not paid much attention at the time. However, after less than one season, this transfer became the most successful deal in the summer of 2017.


However, this is not the end. With the best player of the Premier League in the month of March, Salah achieved the POTM in FIFA 18 for the third time. This time, his overall ability reached 98, which is a full 10 points higher than the previous ability. And the speed reached 99, surpassing Ronaldo and Obamayan.The pace of the World Cup is getting closer. Here, we also wish Salah and his national team can go further in the World Cup.

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