FIFA 18 Player Review – Pogba

In Manchester Derby, the outstanding players Pogba and Sanchez have become the focus of the recent Premier League, then How are the two players in FIFA 18? How to use them? Here’s a review at FIFA 18 Pogba’s stats and feeling shared FIFA-COINS.COM.

The psychological attributes of Pogba in the game is good. In addition to a slightly lower awareness of interception. Others ,such as aggressiveness position and vision, are relatively balance, no shortcommings. He has the Top-level power attributes.

The attributes complement each other, good ability values and strong, makes he can always precail in the Premier League. In particular, the three attributes of physical,strength and shooting have reached more the 90points, which is quite amazing. The characteristics of these two attributs make Pogba feel like a duck in the tactical of this match.

Another advantage of Pogba is its superb skill attributes, whether it is 86 dribbling, 89 ball-handing, or the 84 arc and 88 long pass. Pogba can be described as well-proficient. This is one of the reasons why Manchester United is willing to give Pogba ball. However, Pogba’s shortcomings are also obvious. There is no advantage in offensive attributes, especially poor shooting skills, moves slowly and 63 balance. indirect makes him unable to have an advantage in speed, sometimes slowing down the pace of the offensive and defensive.

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