FIFA 18 Player Review: Olivier Giroud

We have talked about the FIFA 18 Player Review Sanchez in the last article, and now we  going to talk about the FIFA 18 Player Review Olivier Giroud .

The former Arsenal player, after the transfer to Chelsea, most people have decreased their attention on him. So, how did he do in the FIFA 18? Many people don’t know, here we bring you the review of Olivier Giroud, base on his advantages and disadvantages and his perfomance.


Physical: The geight of 192cm and the characteristics of the center, brings Giroud a powerful air ability and strong physical resistance and ability to carry the ball.
Shooting: Although it does not have any shooting characteristics, its 89 shooting attributes and actual effects are very similar to Bergkamp in FIFA 16, especially for long shots, both for shooting and burst shooting. In short, if you are going to have a  long shot, if the GK is on the right side of the goal, you can shoot with a far angle. On the other hand, shot the near angle. When you are up on this skill, it is easy to score.
Mentality: M/M makes Giroud will not be particularly positive for the front, so that his position can be in the middle of the CAM, RM and another ST. It can eddectively cope with and divide the ball.

Pace: The speed of 56 is destined to not apply to counterattack and fast breaks. Personally think that Giroud still needs to rely on teamwork and cooperation, so teammates can’t be too far away.
Drribling: He doesn’t have the flexibility , not even Likes Lukaku. To a certain extent, it will waste some chances of one-on-one or even better.

Dual forwards formation is acceptable.
Since the speed has reached the bottom line, passing and dribbling are not outstanding. I have chosen the “fishiner”, strengthen the shooting and physical to increase some corresponding effect.

Personally thinking that Giroud still needs a certain number of matches to accumulate experience, and it is best to see how he plays in reality. His reasonable operation methods in the game and his style of play and characteristics in reality are similar.

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