FIFA 18 Player Review: Nesta

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review: Mauro Icardi, we will talk another player who is Nesta.
Not long ago, the mew icons SBS mission of FIFA 18 updated. The pegendary Nesta bacame a usable player. Although the speed is a bit slower and physical is not very abundant, the defense stats is very high and he is very good defender. Here are the legendary Nesta player’s stats and career stories , which can help you guys.

Nesta, born March 19, 1976 in Rome, Italy, Pisces. Because he grew up faster than other children, Nesta, who often suffers from back pain, embarked on a road to football with the advice of a doctor. In Lazio’s youth training camp, Nesta had tried forwards and midfielder positions, but in the end he chose to serve as the center’s post.

As a young man, he became the captain of the Blue Eagle Lazio very early on. He had a deep and beautiful face like the Mediterranean, and an artistic temperament like his style. Therefore, in the era of “Little World Cup” in Serie A, Nesta is undoubtedly the most elegant and powerful defender in the entire Apennine Peninsula. He used a clean and accurate shovel to cut off enemy attacks.

In the summer of 2002, due to the debt crisis, Lazio had to sell his captain to AC Milan for 30 million euros. Nesta put on a red and black shirt can be said to have opened the peak of life.
Nesta’s comprehensive ability in the game is 92. Although the speed is a bit slower, the physical fitness is not very abundant, but the defensive data are all above 90, and it is a very good middle defender.
In each console, Nesta’s costs are also slightly different, of which PC is still the most expensive, almost 600,000 game coins. But for a legendary top defender, this price is still very fair.

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