FIFA 18 Player Review: Mauro Icardi

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review: Zanetti before, today we will talk another player which is Mauro Icardi.  Icardi suffered a lot of criticism from the fans in the football field and complained that he had only a simple offense and would only heading. But what about Icardi’s performance in the game? Let’s take a look!


From the latest version of the database, we can see that the total score of the Argentine striker reached 86 points, and the potential value is 90 points. Can be said to be the best player in the future. Icardi has low offensive and defensive efficiency, Skills attributes are not an advantage, rarely dribbling. This kind of opportunist play is different from the contemporary popular all-around forward.

His trump card is more than a 90-point heading in the offensive attribute, and a 92 point strength. The combination of these two skills gives Icardi a heading performance. But don’t overlook his 90-point shooting and 84-point volley, This is also a very threatening means of scoring for players. His pac attributes are balance, the minimum ability value also has 76 points, the 86-point reaction is also a trait that a forward should have.

From the data analysis, we can see that Icardi is more than just a tall ST who only scores by heading in the penalty zone, but is more like a finisher in the restricted zone. But even so, he was out of tune with Argentine coach Sanbaoli’s tactical arrangement. The “seventh striker” that the fans clamored for, might missed the Russian World Cup and had to say it was a pity.