FIFA 18 Player Review: Joshua Kimmich

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review: Ronaldinho last article, today we will talked about another palyer who is Joshua Kimmich.
There are many good young players in FIFA18, here’s what we brought to you: In the two rounds of the Champions League semi-final this season, Germany’s new generation Kimmich which scored the two goals in Champions for Bayern Munich. Let’s have a look.


Once upon a time, the right defense of the team after Lahm retired will be replaced by who will be a difficult problem for Bayern executives and fans for many years. Until the appearance of Kimmich, all problems are solved. The German who is strikingly similar to Lahm’s career trajectory, also came to Bayern from the Stuttgart team. The same young and famous as Lahm, he has plenty of physical strength and a strong offensive desire, even compared to Lahm, Kimmich’s scoring ability is stronger.

Although Bayern lost to Real Madrid in the two rounds of the Champions League semi-final this season, they missed the final, but Kimmich performed very well in these two games. As a full-back, Kimmich’s defensive performance made him even more proficient in his offensive talent and offensive talent. This season, he represented Bayern in 45 appearances on various events, scoring 6 goals and 14 assists. For a major point defender and 23-year-old player, this figure is good enough or even perfect.

In the game, Kimmich’s comprehensive ability is 84, but the potential is 88. There is still a lot of room for growth. Offensive, it has a 90-point pass and an 85-point physical.  This also ensures that he can provide continuous support for the German team or Bayern striker. Although the current defensive data is still far less than the top of the Lahm. However, if he is full of energy, quick reaction and superior offensive ability, he will only surpass Lahm and become the next meritorious player of Bayern sooner or later.

In the upcoming World Cup, no surprise, Kimmich will be the first choice for the German team in the right-back position, with his recent fiery state, it is difficult to have players to shake his main position. In 2018, Russia’s World Cup, the defending champions Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea are in Group F. What kind of performance will Kimmich bring us in the World Cup? Let’s wait and see.

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