FIFA 18 Player Review: Daniel Sturridge

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review Oliver Giroud before, now we will talk about another player Daniel Sturridge.
There are many players in football who have become mediocre from genius due to injury. In fact, this is also the case in the game. Today, we will introduce some players who are injured in the FIFA 18 game. Let’s take a look!

All along, injuries have always been the greatest enemy of professional players. Today, with increasingly fierce physical confrontation, it is very difficult for players to be able to maintain full play without injuries like Frank Lampard. In addition to Conti, there are many players whose career has been more or less affected by injuries, such as the former England talented striker Sturridge.
The healthy Sturridge was once a superb killer in the Premier League. In the 2013/2014 season, he and Suarez’s forward line was invincible, and almost gave Liverpool a long-lost league title. When his career was smooth, Sturridge frequently suffered injuries. In January of this year, Liverpool finally gave up waiting for the former leader and loaned him to West Brom. However, only three minutes after West Brom’s first debut, Sturridge was suffered from the injury. It is difficult to get Sturridge back to the peak of  before.
In the game, Liverpool’s talented striker Sturridge had only 81 combined ability. The speed is 80, although there were 83 shooting, However, compared with its peak period, it is still a far cry from before, plus the hidden attributes that are easy to hurt, which make it difficult for Sturridge to find the best himself in reality and in the game.

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