Today, we’ll be looking at the 5-rated Festival of FUTBall/Team of the Matchday 1 Romelu Lukaku, who was released as part of the Team of the Matchday 1 squad. He’s been out of packs for some time accordingly, but /u/lijiang requested him, so we decided to make it happen. Hope this helps, lijiang!

Just like TOTMD3 Suarez, I will be comparing this item to his TOTS item, to see if the upgrade is worthwhile. However, so that I can churn out as many of these as possible over the next week or so (so that y’all can decide which endgame teams to build before the World Cup is a distant memory), I’ll be making this one much briefer.

This 95-rated Lukaku has all the hallmarks of an excellent target man, with sensational stats in all five major categories (pace, dribbling, passing, shooting and physicality).

I used Lukaku with the engine chemistry style, giving his TOTMD and TOTS items the following boosts:



Once the Chemistry style is applied, the difference shrinks even further.


So how do these two items compare?

In many ways, they are exactly the same. There is absolutely no difference to his pace, his shooting or his physicality – he’s equally beastly on both items. In fact, I found the 94 to be the perfect target man in many regards, so there really was nothing to improve on. His shooting is fantastic, his physicality is awesome, and his pace is incredible in-game. You can bulldoze past opposition defenders, and outstrength any player in the game. And the moment he gets a chance to score, he’ll take it.

There’s also little to no difference in two of his other item stats – his defending is trash on both of them, and despite a +2 passing boost, I noticed no improvements.

So is there any difference between the two? There is a minute difference in the dribbling ability, with the 95 feeling a tiny bit more responsive on the ball. But even then, he still feels equally clunky on both items 99% of the time.

These two items are even closer than the two Suarez items — in fact, I’d go so far as to say these items essentially identical. I would 100% recommend saving your coins, and going for the 94-rated TOTS items. They are both phenomenal strikers, but you can easily save over a 100k and get a virtually identical item.

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