FIFA 18 News: Ten Thousand Players Boycott FIFA 18 Bottomless Pit Purchase

Recently, EA launched Black Friday sale, FIFA 18 was nearly ten thousand people boycott. More than 25,000 people signed the project on’s petition website.

It is understood that the petition activities include the EA to fix the FIFA about cheating, balance and a series of other bugs, but the most important is the FIFA 18 a serious flooding of the internal purchase elements of opposition.

FIFA 18 launched the “Ultimate Team,” which lets players organize their favorite players into a fantasy All-Star team. This is one of the main core parts of the game, But it will take players a lot of time and money. Many people choose to invest money to buy player packs to upgrade their teams or to trade deals. EA also organizes regular ball game activities so that players can get the money in the game. However, players said the design is in-depth encouragement of in-app purchases, as the gains from the games are too low and require significant time and effort.


EA did not announce the probability of winning top-level players by the case, but the world’s top players are rare. A player says his friend has only won one top player after buying the $500 cases and is still a goalkeeper. He said: “I know that the ultimate team is part of the EA to make money, but the game has been transformed from a good game with in-purchased into a purely spending, and also have to test whether they are luck and technology Good enough design. “

In-game purchases have long been the dominant business model for EA, the EA CFO said: “We’ve seen memorable digital sales of sports games and impressive growth for the ultimate team.”

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