FIFA 18 New Features

FIFA 18 introduces the real kinematic technology – the system will have the most substantial increase on the game quality in the history. The new animation will show a comprehensive upgrade of the player response and player features – now headed by the top player Cristiano Ronaldo, his action and feeling on the pitch is the same as reality.

Player Personality: Perfect player personality

Ronaldo iconic sprint actions, Stirling unique smart turn, and Gryzmann’s small technology in FIFA 18 will show a high degree of recognition. This is the first time in the history that in full accordance with the action, size and characteristics of the the real world to show the player’s action, so that you will feel the world’s best players seem to be around you.

Dribbling Overhaul: Dribbling System Re-innovation

The new dribbling system injects more inspiration to those players who are the best when they are in the 1v1. More detailed physical contact, more extreme turning action for the players in the attack is more vibrant.


Dramatic Moments: are always fascinating

The new running routes and shooting action make the attack and header more smooth and natural, FIFA 18 in the way of scoring the goal will definitely make you linger. The new passing ball mechanism makes the choice that the ball enter into the restricted area more subtle. Fast low-level arc ball, long distance running, or making the far post of the ball vigorously can enrich your means of shooting into the small restricted area.

In addition, the team style and the Immersiive Atmospheres also have great improvement on the FIFA 18, so as to enhance the overall quality of the game to provide the fantastic gameplay experience for the FIFA 18 Gamer. Want to enjoy FIFA 18? Just find out best fifa 17 coin sites in advance to prepare for FIFA 18 now.

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