FIFA 18 Manager Mode: Gerrard Opening Change Method Introduction

In fifa 18 manager mode, players need to play as a team manager, you need to lead your favorite team to accomplish strategy and different goals within business skills. Here what FIFA-COINS.COM brings to everyone is the FIFA 18 Manager Mode Gerrard Opening Change Method Introduction, and if you are interested in it, just have a look!


FIFA 18 Manager Mode

FIFA 18 Manager Mode


1. Firstly open the FIFA 18 to enter the manager mode selection interface in the figure. Choose this handsome coach (ID: 26541).


2. Open CE, and associate FIFA18. Then search for 26541.


3. Come out a lot of results and go back to the game to choose the man at right(ID: 26542).


4. Back to CE to search 26542.


5. Generally there will be several results, the general election address 10XXXXXX is certainly no problem. Then double-click this address. Enter the following list.


6. Well, the address is found. Then return to the game to select a coach with a more similar skin tone. Gerard’s ID is: 13743. So enter 13743.


7. Then click to lock after modifying well, and then write the name and change nationality casually.




The above is the specific steps of fifa 18 manager mode tips on Gerrard Opening Change Method Introduction, I wish all players enjoy the game happily! And for more FIFA 18 Tips, just checkĀ Rainbow Flick Fifa 18 Tutorial.

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