FIFA 18: How to Use Messi in FIFA 18?

We have simple reviews on Messi in the last article, now just find more details about Messi so as to better use him as attacker in FIFA 18.

Mayebe you have seen that there is no one whose shot conversion rate is as low as Messi’s shot at the same price (810k). Messi’s strongest weapon is rubbing shot, inside and outside the restricted area, inverse foot or straight foot can rub out a piece of the day, just look rubbing shot, maybe it is only Pierro with about 5 inverse foot is more powerful. However, Messi not only has rubbing shots, in addition to long-range shot, Messi at any way can shot easily to convert into a goal, even he is pulled by the opponents, even if the pace is not fully adjusted, Messi can shot the ball, it can be said, if you own Messi in FIFA 18, you will lead the game at the opening with 1: 0.

When it is position attack, Messi ai offensive moves will definitely not let you feel his mentality is mm, and you will have the most obvious sense only at counterattack, for rm, because the location itself is relatively back, if there is no way for counterattack, Messi often will run up at last, even if it is set to stay in the frontcourt, it is the same, so put him in the middle to let him go ballistic counterattack, and it can be said it is the best solution, but still we suggest setting him to stay in frontcourt, and if you put Messi on Cam, you can maximize both his ability to play, but also save his fitness.

In conclusion, Messi as a player worthy 810k coins, his ability completely exceed the price, in this stall he has a high cost performance, rw default location may need to make you pay for some of the costs with Messi, but just believe me, it is absolutely worth it. And just buy cheap fifa 18 coins to get Messi from the market now.

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