FIFA 18: How to Use Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18?

In FIFA 18, Cristiano Ronaldo should be the most powerful player, with the right formation, you can give play to his full potential. Today we are to share the introduction of how to use Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18.

Best Formation: 4231

But where is Cristiano Ronaldo playing? The answer is not necessarily certain, and it depends on the rival. If it is the Premier League team with walker and Valencia, then I put Cristiano Ronaldo at the right, and let him to attack the left, if it is the Bundesliga, without Alaba, I will put Cristiano Ronaldo hit the right, or play the left, and when it is Serie A, I generally put Cristiano Ronaldo at left Road, because Serie A right-back is really not strong. Anyway, look into the lineup before starting the game, which side is not strong, then let Cristiano Ronaldo attack that side.

Then it is attack, if Cristiano Ronaldo goes alessandini, he is not necessarily strong, it is possible MbappĂ© and Griezmann will coordinate, then who can break through, who can reach bottom line to pass the ball, because there is Cristiano Ronaldo. If it is the Cristiano Ronaldo’s side, it is hard breakthrough, Cristiano Ronaldo will take ball to pass by 2 players then pull up speed, let the other side’s full back keep up, and then immediately stop adding cattle tail, the right joystick from right to left or left to the right, or emergently stop immediately to fight against, if the defense of the other side is great, then pass back the ball and walk the inverted triangle to enter into the restricted area, and the other player complete the shot.

There is another trick, that is to speed up the vicinity of the penalty area directly pull the far corner, but this was trained, anyway, Cristiano Ronaldo can do it easily. So this is the introduction of how to use Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18, and hope it is helpful for you.

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