FIFA 18: How to Play 4231 Formation in FIFA 18?

How to play 4231 formation in FIFA18? A lot of FIFA18 players are not very familiar with the 4231 formation in FIFA 18, and  today we are going to share the FIFA18 4231 formation tips, including how to choose person to play, just take a look at it if you are interested in FIFA18 4231 formation.

Introduction on how to choose player to play 4231 formation

Accept from the full back, 4231 formation includes two cdm, three cam, a st. 5 midfields should be the most in 18 midfield. So it mainly needs control, by a large number of passing gradually to tear across the line of defense of other side. The most important aspect of the squad in this offensive game is lam and ram. Because the 4231 formation looks similar to 41212 formation, there is no sidewalks, so the attack is relatively simple, just from the middle to penetrate is not easy to break those more powerful players. These two locations are equivalent to the x factor of this lineup, when these two positions are selected, the attack will be more diverse, and thus playing a better offensive effect. Double lumbar is needless to say in the defensive aspect, as long as the defense plays steadily.

Player configuration:

Lam and ram must be fast! It is best to pull back from st or cf position. It will be better if there is one-foot shot, four-star fancy above, and if ram likes to offense inside, then uses the left foot, if he likes the bottom offense, then uses right foot, and it is true with lam, the best recommendations are as follows:

High-end: Griezmann, Dybala

Mid-end: Ivan Perišić,  Dries Mertens, Mario Gómez, Mohamed Salah

Low end: James Rodríguez, Lucas Pérez, Luis Muriel

Cam must be long-range, and have excellent ability to play, four-star fancy best, speed is not demanding, the best recommendations are as follows:

High-end: Diego Costa

Mid-end: Erik Erikson, Miralem Pjanić

Low-end: Ali, Arsenio, Adam Lallana

Cdm speed is of 70 or less, fancy does not matter, the best recommendations are as follows:

High-end: N’Golo Kanté, Arturo Vidal

Low end: Tiémoué Bakayoko

For St, then look at your own needs, you can consider Kylian Mbappé or Giroud or Robert Lewandowski.

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