FIFA 18: How to Choose and Use Attackers in FIFA 18?

Which attackers in FIFA 18 are good to use? Here we are to share the tips on choosing and using the attackers in FIFA 18 and help you to choose the suitable Attacker in FIFA 18 too.

How to use the attackers?

We will recommend the 4231-2 Formation, Andriy Shevchenko’s location is st, Messi’s location is cam (changing location in the beginning), Matthus is cam and cdm (changing location in the beginning). The low-profile Andriy Shevchenko uses about 260 games, most of which are legendary sqb and online d10-d6, late 30-40 final sqb, and goals and assists are about 0.9 and 0.7. From the data point of view, Andriy Shevchenko ‘s advantage is the two-speed and the end, the disadvantage is the mentality and passing, Andriy Shevchenko ‘s actual experience and data are the same.

Andriy Shevchenko’s speed and the ultimate speed are in the level of the upper, which can be best reflected in the counterattack, the speed when the game begin and the speed after touching the first ball can easily get away from the sqb legendary defender, but due to dribbling values constraints, although it is not really bulky, the personal breakthrough ability and player breakthrough ability is basically proportional to, simply speaking, you can not expect Andriy Shevchenko’s dribbling achieve the same fault tolerance rate as Messi, how much Exceptional ability you have, that is how much Exceptional ability Andriy Shevchenko has. Andriy Shevchenko’s biggest advantage is the level of the top end of the game, regardless of which foot, shooting conversion rate in the same class of legendary players belongs to the top, as long as the ball enters into restricted area, as long as there is room, then just start his feet, he can make the goals.

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