FIFA 18 High Rated Players Reviews

Nowadays, there are many new stars in the football world which are already 90 or even 95. But there are a loy of “old guns” sticking to it. For example, Buffon from Juventus, Hilton from Montpellier. Here is a reviews of the FIFA 18 High Rated Players, hope you like it.

Shunsuke Nakamura

The Asian soccer player and the world’s top master of set-pieces. After playing for the Reggina and the Celtics, he returned home. Although he is 40 years old, he is still firmly in the CM position. The highlight of his career was the two stunning free-kicks he scored in the 2006 champions leasgue against Manchester United, he is the first Japanese player who score in the Champions League.

shunsuke nakamura fifa 18

shunsuke nakamura fifa 18


The 36-tear-old Barzagli retired from the national team after Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup. However, his career path has not stopped. At Juventus, his combination with Chiellini is still the most reassuring, and the club is about to give a new contract to him, it also means tat Barzagli will end up at Juventus. Outstanding physical, the defensive awareness, sense of place for him to bear a responsibility In FIFA 18 and he still has more than 90 ratings in the defensive data,and it is the best reflect for his ability.


The man who once to dominated the Premier League, after being fired by the club for kicking fans, there has been no shortage of purshuers. Although ge is 36 years old, he got 82 ratings in the latest FIFA 18 data. At the end of the day, West Ham United have signed the veteran and Evra is back in the Premier League.


In some ways, Hilton should be the oldest and best player in the five leagues. Alhough as a central defender only 180 cm tall, he is the captain of Montpellier with his fierce steal and excellent intercept. He kept scoring record in French. Although his ratings just 78 in FIFA 18, but some key data are not weak.


His every move is affecting the hearts of the fans. Everybody wanna know whether he will come back to national team and when he will be retire. Perhaps for the fans, not just the feelings to Buffon,but also the memory of the glorious Serie A. Juventus, AC milan, Naples, Florence, Parma and Sampdoria, the glory that swept through Europe. The 89 ratings in FIFA 18, it’s enough to say that Buffon remains the world’s top GK.

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