FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips: Details You Need Pay Attention To In UT Mode (Part Two)

I play FIFA from the beginning of fifa16, and I have to say fifa substitution is too strong, especially for those people who love playing football, sometimes it is really excited. In FIFA 16 I achieved d2 in the final. In FIFA 17 I finally rose to d1, which is the closest to D1 in this round. I have said some opinions on playing FIFA 18 UT Mode in the last article, and now let’s discuss together more key factors affecting the progress in the follows:


fifa 18 gameplay tips


Third, the details
Details determine the success or failure, I will watch some FIFA 18 Pro players’ videos, in the beginning I felt that I was almost the same as them, mostly their ability to seize the opportunity is stronger than me, and know more sm than me. Actually it is not! When you stop the ball, where is your ball, is the incidental turn or hold back the ball, or go directly to the ball or throw off the defending along the line of the ball? All of these have Different options under different circumstances, especially in the restricted area, a stop ball may decide whether you can hit the gap to shoot. Also, in the face of high pressure defense, whether you can hold the ball, will be easily broken the line or not, the ball is not simply by pressing lt, even though lt is sometimes useful, relying too much on lt will waste a lot chances, after you get the ball you will subconsciously hold the ball back, so that the probability of a threatening shot came down greatly! I was particularly dependent on lt for some time, then I found myself do not know how to attack! So just keep in mind: using lt + rt more, and looking for a breakthrough in the moves.


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