FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips: Details You Need Pay Attention To In UT Mode (Part Three)

We have mentioned that we should pay attention to the network and the mentality in the part one of FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips, and the details in the part two of FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips, now we will keep talking about the factor that will affect the progress when playing FIFA 18.

Fourth: SM, skill moves

There are some reasons I put skill moves in the end, many FIFA gods do not use sm, just by a simple pass with the transfer to coordinate with other players, I think this is closer to real football, as we can play well without sm! Like Berbatov, scoop turn is not really real. But fifa is a game after all, and these sm are indeed based on the reality of someone used , and on the basis of a series of beautiful sm, a goal will look pleasing, and it also reaches the purpose of the game. If you do sm, you have to judge the defensive player of the opponent side is the manual defense or ai defense, as it is best not to do too much sm if it is ai defending, ai is not easy to grab, but it also gives you to stay The opportunity to get the ball easier, you can observe the surrounding circumstances and choose a good pass line, and you must note that this time the opponent is controlling the player to cut your pass line.

Huge gorilla often used scoop turn in the restricted area, as long as turning sucessfully, then he will score the goal generally. For SM, mainly you must be skilled and then cooperate with the scenario to figure out what time to use which sm.

These are all FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips I’d like to share to you, and if you have understood, you can check fifa ultimate team store to buy cheapest fifa coins for the game now.

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