FIFA 18 FUT Mode: FIFA 18 Skill Moves Tips (Part One)

The FIFA 18 UT Mode for some gamers, has some high-degree free gameplay, but which skill move is more practical, and how to choose a fantastic team with defending and attacking ability? Here we are going to share some FIFA 18 Gameplay and the practical skill moves and some player squad recommendation, and hope this is helpful for you.

For FIFA 18 UT, I mainly choose 433 433-4, let’s talk about a few skill moves, gameplays, and conditions for selecting players that I think are more practical.

FIFA 18 Skill Moves Tips

Practical skill moves:
1. The pendulum (can’t be used like the one in FIFA 17, and it is faster than a direct turn when it is as the change of direction;

2. Marseille Turn Skills. It is very practical, fast, this is more practical than berbatov spin (berbatov spin is easy to hit on other player’ body, as long as you keep a step basically you will not feel anxious);

3. Berbatov spin;

4. Stopping the ball to shoot and catch the ball at the original spot to make the fake shot, it also takes a bit of speed (it suddenly works well in the penalty zone, and if it is often encountered, it will not work. The ordinary fake shot can be used in FIFA16);

5. Dial the ball. 1-1 in the restricted area is very useful, because many people in the restricted area do not dare to step on and grab the ball;

6. L2 and R1 single-phase disproportionately changed, and this is not so practical;

As for protecting the ball, I have no comment as I never protect the ball. And if you have known these skill moves well, you can buy fifa 18 ultimate team coins to play the game during the upcoming weekend! Just enjoy!

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