In the week before The Team Of Year promotion, The FUT market was already in a “crash” due to most of the gamers of FIFA 18 FUT mode being boredom of big price cards.

When the FUT market declining, the Path to Glory market had some interesting turns and trends. Most cards followed the FUT market, but some players still a lot of room for appreciation as their strong performance.
Important Note: The data/prices will be taken from Xbox One. However, this year, player prices across both consoles seem more similar than ever.


EA Sports has dropped the prices of The Team Of Year due to most ordinary gamers got scared. When the promotion began large supply, the price has continued to drive down. We think this will continue until the end of week and if you are looking for some good value for coins, Path To Glory market is a good option for investments. Some class players coming into their own could be profitable by just selling into the hype,so pay attention and stay wise.


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