FIFA 18: FIFA 18 Operation Difference Compared to FIFA 17 ( Part Two)

Last week, we have share tha part one of the FIFA 18 Operation Difference Compared to FIFA 17, now FIFA-COINS.COM is going to share more details so as you can have smooth cooperation when playing FIFA 18.

4. Learn 3 fancy actions, the first is a fake shot, which you need to learn three kinds: the first is stopping the ball when facing the goalkeeper by pressing L1 for the rhythm control, the second is to press R1 to take you to the direction you want to go, this is very steady if it is used to stop the ball, but also take the opportunity to avoid each other to grab your ball (highly recommended), the third is purely fake shot to make direction, for rapid change. The second fancy action is the Marseille maneuver, the feeling of Marseille maneuver of 18 has unique sense of space, which is easy to use when compared to FIFA 17, and you can check the online tutorials. The third fancy action is Dimitar Berbatov roundabout.

5, Learn to accelerate, some people will feel how to accelerate for one-stop, here is a trick, that is, you look at your opponent’s defensive inertia. The first one is when he is defending you, he accelerates the defending acceleration direction you see him, acceleration in the opposite direction, of course, it requires some extra skills, such as emergently stop the speed or pressing the speed up button and the direction button, this can be depending on the touched feeling. The second is that you pay attention to the control cursor of your opponent, if he did not switch to the nearest position around you, but you are already accelerating, and his defensive player without cursor is close to you, in this case, you do not need to care, and just need to continue to flush, AI response insufficient in FIFA 18, and can only see you playing all by yourself on the pitch.

6, When it comes to defense, I will tell you one thing, defense has inertia, you do not follow the whole press to speed up to grab, acceleration only makes you close to each other, and then let go. Most of the time, when we are on top, we are accelerating.

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