FIFA 18: FIFA 18 Operation Difference Compared to FIFA 17 ( Part One)

What is the difference between fifa18 and FIFA 17 in the aspect of cooperation? Presumably this is the issue that a lot of old players of fifa series concerned about. Today for everyone FIFA-COINS.COM is to bring you the analysis introduction about the difference between FIFA18 and fifa 17, and if you are interested in it, you can follow us to see more details, or you can directly buy cheap fifa 18 coins to play the game now!




Introduction about the operation difference analysis


1, abandon your had habit of using the crabs footsteps in the case of being close to other player in fifa17, as in FIFA 18, the crabs footsteps are actually cut to be weak, at most it can only be a rhythm control, not as good as FIFA 17 to play easily, which also led to a lot of FIFA players rather not used to it as they were relying on crab footsteps to walk rampantly.


2, Abandon the case of protecting your ball by pressing L2 you like, as it is not automatically turned your body to protect the ball in FIFA 18 in the face of each other’s defensive player by pressing L2. But it does not mean that you can not protect the ball, you need to get used to push the shaft straight forward, and then press L2 to protect the ball.


3, Let go of your accelerator button, FIFA 18 is not so good as FIFA 17, the inertia for this is too much, not just your offensive has, but also your defensive also has, but the AI move is particularly good when using this as attack, you sometimes are simply two pass one, you also can run well in place, so unless there is a grassland in front, do not mindless run. All you have to do is to let go of the accelerator, defend the ball, give the ball back to the player who gave you the pass before.


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