FIFA 18: FIFA 18 ONES TO WATCH(OTW) Investments Update

Over the past week, EA Sports was celebrated its biggest event of the whole year,due to Team Of The Year and Prime Icon SBCs, FIFA 18 which is the best soocer game is expected to bloom over this version. Let’s overview the market of FUT 18.

The Team Of The Year drove price down compare to last year. So everyone has chance to purchase the most awesome cards they want. The pack opening spree caused supply to overtake demand and when that happens undercutting begins to drive prices down.

By the way, the Icon SBCs included some great players which retired, since the SBCs requirements were wxtensive, the Icon SBCs cards helped to hold the price at the high level. It is the economic control by EA Sports to make the market become more balance.

Finally, we gonna talk about the Ones To Watch(OTW) market. As a general rule, OTW market is followed the big market, however, some geat perfromances and expectation of a Feb SBC has kept many other items busy. So, let’s check it out.



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