FIFA 18: FIFA 18 New Features

Even though FIFA 18 has released for more than 3 months, but there are some new players still don’t know the new features of FIFA 18. And now we are reviewing some FIFA 18 New features in the follows:

FIFA 18 Immersive live atmosphere
With new features that bring players to life and new innovations that make the team more realistic, the live atmosphere of FIFA 18 immerses you in the passion of a world-class game.

New player visual effects – the star avatar
The new players visual effect brings a new level to the realistic feeling of the game, and makes the world-level game more realistic. Players such as Neymar, Renato Sanches, Kylian Mbappé, Radja Nainggolan, Dele Alli and Cristiano Ronaldo look more like real ones.

FIFA 18 – New Atmosphere – Stadium, Fans, Sidelines Elements
FIFA 18 brings an immersive football experience to life with new stadiums, HD fans, regional atmosphere, player flags, floor graphics and much more. Feel passionate with the chanting of supporters when you make offensive, or celebrate with fans after a fantastic goal. Through the animation atmosphere grading, off-course signboards and self-adjusting commentary collection, you can feel the energy and personality changes in different regions of the game.

The new appearance of the Premier League and the true panels of the La Liga and the United Serif League will make you more immersed in the FIFA 18. The new 360 ° replay lens allows you to replay different angles indirectly to show you the best shots.

Hope this article is helpful for you to have excellent experience when playing FIFA 18, and just stay with FIFA-COINS.COM for more FIFA 18 Guides.

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