FIFA Players from all over the world submit their best goals in hopes of being featured the “FIFA 18 Goals of the Week compilation” of the EA Sports. Thousands of wonderful shots are submitted weekly, but only the best ten will win the prize. Now we are going to launch a new series, the best goals of the month, focusing on the most impressive goals of the month. Instead of using the top ten list, we will be able to categorize best assists, best mallet, most creative and more, and award it to the best of every category.


The goals in November have wonderful performance, and now just check out more about the FIFA 18 GOALS OF THE MONTH NOVEMBER 2017 in the follows:


El Tornado Master: Rico-Boy-1997, Cristiano Ronaldo

As I said earlier, many players in last month have used tornadoes splendidly, but the most outstanding of these is FIFA 18 cover stars Cristiano Ronaldo. After beating several defensive players and entering into the box, Ronaldo used the latest FIFA skills to play the last defender and then used the scissors foot to shoot the ball into the corner above the gantry.


Skiller Award: Adnan McMahon, Raheem Sterling

Comparing the skillful feature film is a difficult job. Which should focus on: the number of skills actions or quality? Sometimes, the simplest skills can also create a wonderful combination of actions, but when the player successfully made more complex and difficult FIFA skills moves, it must not be underestimated. In last month’s feature film, Sterling used his rich skills to defeat four defensive players and then deftly picked the ball backwards past the unlucky goalkeeper to score.


Cheekiest Finish Award: Winkeydonker, Steven N’Zonzi

FIFA 18 offers a variety of ways for players to score, reflecting the endless creativity of this beautiful game. With different skills, picking the ball and shot types, it is likely to make a variety of interesting and ingenious shooting methods. In last month’s most creative and ingenious goal, N’Zonzi jumped up and quickly shoot the ball into the top of the door with the heel, which has fooled almost everyone.


Teamwork Award: Kyle Weber, Marco Asensio

The assists of the best team goals were so excellent last month. Deulofeu took the ball towards the six-yard box after latching onto a through ball on the left, and rather than took the shot himself or made a simple cross into the middle, he executed a flawless rabona cross towards the penalty spot. Asensio, not to be one-upped, whipped the ball into the corner with an audacious scorpion kick.


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