FIFA 18: FIFA 18 FUTmas SBCs from 15th to 24th December 2017

It is known to all that the FIFA 18 FUTmas has started from 15th December and it will come to an end on 24th December, and now it is the 6th day of the FUTmas FIFA 18, what players you have got? And how is your SBCs? Hope you enjoy the FUTMAS activity so far and earn more profits now.

For the FIFA 18 FUTmas this year, it features the FUTmas countdown SBCs, and from 15th to 24th December, 2017, it will release 3 new player SBCs every day, and keep in mind that its available for just 24 hours. In addition, the SBCs player will be released in the countdown order according to the numbers on the player’s shirt, that is, the players whose numbers on shirts are 30, 29 and 28 was released on the first day of FIFA 18 FUTmas, then the 27, 26,25 shirts number players were released on the second day ( 16th December, 2017) of the FIFA 18 FUTmas, now it is the 6th day, it will release the players with the shirts number of 15, 14, 13. And on 24th December, it will release the players with jersey numbers 3, 2, and 1.

FIFA 18 FUTmas

FIFA 18 FUTmas


If you complete various themed weekly objectives, you are able to unwrap great rewards.


Just earn three unique holiday-themed kits via different ways to dress up your squad, and you can check out the ways to do it by logging to FUT all week, and you can also discover new content in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

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