FIFA 18 Defense: How to Defend in FIFA 18? (Part One)

FIFA defensive ideas and techniques are definitely a science. Like real football, you need to do a lot of thinking in the game, such as what kind of defensive ideas and techniques you should use on the sidewalk! This chapter is the first chapter of the basics. And the defensive skills will be introduced in the later chapters and how to use them. This basic chapter mainly refers to you the concept of defense and hopes to help you. PS: Many ideas and techniques are based on the experience of professional foreign players. If you have a better method and advice, please leave a message under the article.

FIFA 18 defense criteria and philosophy:

(1) Always separate the opponent from the goal/goalkeeper with the player (figure 1)

(2) Do not run too fast. Try to use the LT/L2 to move. Follow and defend the opponent and get close to him and then use the manual buttons to grab the ball.

TIP: In most cases, if you don’t press the button manually to grab the ball, you can’t steal the ball or even will leak the ball.

(3) Don’t blindly attack: In particular, it means the situation where there are only 1-2 defensive players left in the backcourt, and even with less defense, do not use the defensive player to attack blindly and confidently. How to do? You need to run backwards and slow down. Use the criteria (1). Use defensive players to separate the player from the goal, delay the time, and wait for your defender to return to position.

(4) Defensive concept: When defending, it is very important not to run directly to the opposing player to try to steal the ball, you need move backwards, try the LT/L2+A to defend, and stop in the best defensive position (between the opposing player and the goalkeeper). When the opponent player approaches, press the interception button manually and the ball is successfully closed.

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