FIFA 18: Defense and Attack Experience

Hey guys, just want to know what’s your feeling when experiencing the defense and attack in FIFA 18? As a elite FIFA player, I really have some crazy feeling on FIFA 18’s defense and attack.

1, FIFA 18 pays attention to defense, if your defense is not good, you certainly will lose the game. If defense substitutions is not in time, then it has been lateafter you have changed the player.

2, It is too powerful if you attack directly to enter the ball, or the players moves are too good? Anyway, directly entering the ball sometimes feel that the ball even did not pass well, but it will become a very good pass.

3, Long shot is too powerful.

4, The door frame probability is too high

5, Under the bottom pass it does not work with the same power of FIFA 17, as it will appear to be a small force, and then quickly pressing the passing function in the bottom for 2 times cannot be seen in FIFA 18, that is rapid low-arc pass.

6, The bottom map is always black and white and I do not know if it is possible to modify the patch.

This is my feeling about the FIFA 18 defense and FIFA 18 attack, and if you have other experiences on FIFA 18 gameplay, just feel free to share with FIFA-COINS.COM!

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