FIFA 18 Best Formation and Instructions


This formation is build with 3 speedy forwards, you need to use the players which has a high rating at position, otherwise, you will never get the chance to attack.


Excellent for retaining possession

Get in Behind ( Forwards )

FIFA 18 4-3-2-1

FIFA 18 4-3-2-1


There are two variations of the 4-2-3-1 – we prefer the second, ditching two CAMs in favour of wide midfielders.

This formation will suit fans of slow build-up play. Two defensive midfielders provide excellent support for your centre-backs, while also working to generate attacks via clever passing and superb physical strength.

The key downside here is a lack of firepower upfront – one CAM and one striker is all you’re getting. As a result, you’ll require highly-efficient players in these positions, while encouraging your wingers to ‘get in behind’ will generate additional space to exploit.


Packed with defensive support

Excellent for retaining possession


Lacking numbers upfront

Relies on your CAM to create chances


The 4-1-2-1-2 Wide is FIFA 18′s epitome of balance, suiting defensive and attack-minded players in equal measure.

Your attacking midfielder and two wide players are best used to spread the ball to the wings regularly, exploiting AI-created gaps along the way. Meanwhile, you’ll nullify quick counter attacks with the presence of five defensive-minded players at the back.

You can add to this strategy by encouraging one or more of your attackers to ‘get in behind’ the defence as a player instruction. Generally, this should be reserved for one of your pacy strikers, although quick wingers can also fulfil this role effectively.


Effective all over the pitch

Offers good width


Not suitable for quick attacks

Requires a skilled, physical CDM



There are five different versions of the 4-3-3 in FIFA 18, with the holding variant coming out on top.

As you’d expect, two wingers allow for quick-breaking attacks out wide, while also providing chances for your sole striker. This edition of the 4-3-3 equips a CDM behind two central midfielders, offering extra support in defence to help out with FIFA 18′s tough defensive mechanics.

Despite our pick, we’re also partial to the 4-3-3 Attack option. If you’re feeling confident in defence, this strategy replaces your CDM with a central attacking midfielder, providing extra support for your three forwards.


Fast wingers can create quick attacks

CDM role provides cover for defenders


Lack of a CAM limits opportunities in front of goal

Requires pace and skill out wide

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