FIFA 18 Bayern Munich DM Review: Vidal & Tolisso

We have talked about  FIFA 18 Player Review: Zanetti last article, today we will talk FIFA 18 Bayern Munich DM Review: Vidal & Tolisso.
Bayern München’s DM Vidal has started to worry about Bayern’s midfield defense after his retaliation this season. Then the following will bring you “FIFA18″ analysis of Bayern Munich’s midfielder ratings to see how these Bayern’s Defending Midfielder!


Although Vidal is 31 years old, but the style of the game is still fierce, but the hot temperament and the characteristics of easy-to-eat cards are also a headache for fans. The current player’s overall rating is 86 points, still high. As a typical B2B player, Vidal is both offensive and defensive. The abilities of the offensive attributes are fairly balanced. The lowest one – passing is 76 points.

Compared with offensive and defensive techniques, the most powerful force in Vidar is still strength and psychology: to forget the 76 strength that have fallen due to age. The lowest psychological value is only 80 points of vision, and other interceptions such as 85 points, 86 points of calm, 93 points of aggressiveness are very eye-catching.

However, the shortcomings of Vidal are also very obvious. The 65-60 dual-speed  have been difficult to adapt to some fierce game rhythm in the single defense midfielder.

At present, only two players, Martínez and Tolitso, in the Bayern array are in line with the status of the replacement of Vidal. Tolitso’s double speed has 69, 77, although not high, but other mobile capabilities are also good, Tolitso’s defensive attributes are not as eye-catching, but the 75-point shooting and 82-point header are also good. The young Tolitso also has 89 points of bouncing and 86 points of physical fitness.

Martinez as the strong defensive midfielder of Bayern Munich in the Triple Crown season. After several injuries, he is slowly recovering. Tolitso, as a newcomer introduced to Bayern this season, is often unstable, but he often has a good performance.

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