FIFA 18 Attackers: Review on Messi in FIFA 18

For Messi, my emotions are a bit more complicated, I have nothing interests on Futbol Club Barcelona, but I really like Messi. The reason why so many fans play ut is because they want to set a team around Messi. Therefore, here I may add more personal subjective views. Messi played about 230 games in my team, in the beginning he is as rm, the effect is worse, the goals and assists are about 0.6, the effect was significant after changing him as the cam, and the goals and assists are at about 1.1 and 0.7, at the current he is my team’s first shooter, regardless of online (currently d4), sqb ultimate difficulty almost is no misfiring. From the data point of view, Messi can be said almost is without any shortcomings, even the height is his advantage, the data of Messi in FIFA 18 does not have to do any analysis, as the word “perfect” is sufficient.

DRI, PAC, PHY can be said together, FIFA 18 as it deduces AI defend ability, so compared to the previous FIFA, Messi is more strong in FIFA 18. Messi’s speed may not be the fastest, but the explosive power to get the ball or catch the ball in the game is strongest, regardless of slow dribbling and fast dribbling changes can easily get rid of any computer back defend, because of the high value of the dribbling, even if the body is not strong, with a touch of one-touch from the back defend of other side will not be carried away, even slightly lost his position, he can also  through the change of position to control the ball possession. Therefore, Messi’s dribbling can give players a high degree of fault tolerance, even if you are hand-disabled like me, you will not lose the ball. In addition, due to the shorter stature, Messi can cut the ball off the opponent’s back.

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