FIFA 18 Arnautovic TOTW Review

Arnautovic have been selected in Team Of The Week  twice, the second time, his stats really make an impression.

The stats is very comprehensive, and there is one more choice in the front line of the Premier League linup. What is the effect of Arnautovic’s TOTW card? The following is the review made by foreign FIFA 18 player TVM.

From the surface data, it is very comprehensive, but if we look at the specific data, we can find that the key data are actually quite satisfactory.

FIFA 18 Arnautovic

FIFA 18 Arnautovic

  1. Shotting 81, and the long shot just 79.
  2. Agility just 77, Balance only 61, personally feel that these two data are little bit low.
  3. Att.Position 89, this is a good thing, you will get a chance at the front court.
  4. Strength 90, that ensure he can run over the defenders.
  5. Passing 89, as a ST, it’s an useless data.

According to the deedback from foreign players, overall, TOTW Arnautovic isn’t as good as everyone thought, You will feel heavy and his poor stability. Sometimes he can score easily, and sometimes he never. I know there are many people want to buy him instead of Ibrahinovic. However, from the actual experience, this card does not qualified.


Advantage: Att.Position, Strength, Dual four-star

Disadvantage: Poor Stability, Poor Control


Expected: 7.2

Control: 7.2

Stability: 6.8

Average: 8.3

Weekend League Position: Substitution

Total: 7.6

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