FIFA 17 Wishlist and Rumours: New Stadiums

FIFA 17 Wishlist and Rumours: New Stadiums

There are many rumours about FIFA 17th, but most of them are false.We should choose the most reliable rumors, fifa 17 coins tell me about our perception and share our point of view, and then talk to you about FIFA 17th stadium.




























A few years ago, the most hope telecommunications stadium with Turkey, da Luz, Celtic park, the maracana fifa 17 coins┬áBut it is a pity that no one has been added in FIFA’s 17.This does not mean that the new is not exciting.Let’s wait and see.


It is unlikely to add a new league game because there is no new stadium.That is what happened in Japan league joined FIFA 17th.Suita soccer city stadium is added to the game.J1 stadium is since 2016, the Osaka steel Pakistan club league football club and replaced the world expo 70 memorial stadium, replaced by their main stadium between 1980 and 2015.


The Olympic stadium is the 2016/2017 season.West ham is a new home, have a good chance will appear in the FIFA 17th.Two years ago as part of the English premier league agreement will all the club’s stadium to join in the game.This year, hull city, burnley and middlesbrough club promotion.The first two have been venues.This is the riverside stadium.

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