FIFA 17: Who Will Be the Champion of UEFA Champions League?

Here comes to the essential moment of the UEFA Champions League, but who will be the Champion of UEFA Champions League this year?

With Real Madrid’s strength, it is entirely possible to hit the championship under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane again. If he can complete this task, Zinedine Zidane will be the first coach to defend the championship after the Restructuring of the Champions League. And as the players and coaches who has made Champions League champions the same, if in the season Real Madrid can also win the league title, then Zidane’s club resume is satisfactory. Next, we will expect Zinedine Zidane to hold the national team’s pointer, to create an unprecedented gold full slam (as player and coach, he can get the league champions, Champions League, World Cup champion, the European Cup champion and other important championship ).

Barcelona’s epic level of reversal has been able to let Enrique be remembered by history, and Barcelona has great momentum to win the championship. After announcing the news of leaving the team in advance, Enrique was on the way to self-proof. The gap between the league and Real Madrid is narrowing, in the King Cup, they have reached the final and will face Deportivo Alavés, if it is incredible to win the Triple Crown, that Enrique will undoubtedly be a legendary coach, and the achievement of twice won Triple Crown is also unprecedented.

The opportunity that Guardiola breaks the challenge still exists. There are a lot of people who think that the dream of three Barcelona’s brilliant achievements thanks to the top players in the peak period, Guardiola just hold a thigh. And if Guardiola can lead Manchester City whose strength is not the strongest to win the Champions League, then he will let all the question disappear, but also will become the legendary coach who leads different teams to win the Champions League. But in turn, if in this season, Manchester City can not broke into the semi-finals as last season, and even is eliminated by Monaco in this round, then Guardiola’s pressure will become quite large.

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