FIFA 17: Who Changes Football?

First Chelsea, after Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, it should be said that in the past ten years, the European football giants pattern has not been turned over, but also already has been upgrading. At the same time, some of the traditional giants because of various factors has been long away from the European war stadium – Serie A Juventus, Milan, are very typical examples. However, the support of the “new giants” of the oil gold and rubles can change a team’s record and a league title attribution, and even make the team become a domineering European powerhouse, in the harvest at the same time, not necessarily Can really rise to the height to “change football”.

What exactly is, changing the football ?

Players: The Era Pioneers See Messi and Ronaldo
From the technical point of view, from the heavy attack to the offensive and defensive balance, and then to the whole attack, passing control, counterattack … … constantly innovate and change the team tactics, echoing the ever-changing technical trends and the “mainstream players” style Variety. Nowadays, the classic front waist, the traditional NO.10, station pile high center began to decline, front all-round forward line, “B2B” team members, organizational defender are becoming the major giants that chase the scarcity of resources. May wish to start from two current football king Messi and Ronaldo, they changed the football, or football changed them?

First of all, the development of football technical and tactical, indeed can be showed more obviously in the offensive player – modern football keeps pursuit of a higher offensive and defensive transition rhythm, more accurate delivery and cooperation. To some extent, the core of the offensive players not only has enough super personal ability to end the game, it should also have enough system to drive the team.

From these two points, Messi and Ronaldo are well deserved, they are different, but also can become the dream characters of each team. Moreover, one can say that Messi and Ronaldo at least in terms of the data are already an unprecedented presence.

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