Fifa 17 Upgraded Ratings News: Who Deserved It

It is known to all that although the 2015-16 season has been finished, there is the silver lining. And the fifa 17 has been come to the releasing date then.

For the FIFA fans, we all are surprised by the excellent performance of the players who did in actual life in the season of last year. And it is believed that it will also be maintained the same in the season of FIFA 17 of this year. In this article, we will show two players, and they are deserving upgrading their ratings in the new fifa 17 season.


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First of all, it is surely Riyad Mahrez, whose rating in the FIFA 16 is 74. He changed his career by moving to the Premier League, which is a little surprised by some fans. Except from Algerian, who has been doing well for his side, all of the left squad of the Leicester City can fulfill the list. And the excellent and talented dribbling skills of Algerian was given the toughest defenders nightmares. And for his rating, it has a great possibility to increase to 82 or 83 from his 74 rating in the previous season. And for his other stats, such as shooting or passing, all are not so high in the FIFA 16 season, and maybe it will increase some more in the FIFA 17 SEASON. Check fifa coins store reviews for more info.


The second one is Harry Kane, whose rating in FIFA 16 is 78, and he is an English attacker, and will keep his excellent form to his second season, so as to be chosen in the first team. Together with the preference by other players, such as Premier League strikers Sergio Agureo and Jamie Vardy, Harry Kane showed highest potential of himself with Spurs. And in the fifa 17 season, he will get more chances to increase his rating to 83, from his rating of 78 in the season of FIFA 16. And many fans think that the shooting ability of Harry Kane will greatly improve in the FIFA 17 season.

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