EA Sport has finally announced the FIFA 17 TOTS release date! On May 12! Anything you want to know about the TOTS? Just check the FAQ of FIFA 17 TOTS below:

About the player’s rating in FIFA 17 TOTS, will it change?

These cards ratings will keep the same after they have been implemented into FUT 17. And the  attributes will increase 3 to 6 points but not all the attributes will be improved.

About the player stats, will they be upgraded to reflect the TOTS performance of the player?

Of course, if a player has made a lot of assists on the season, then there will be a obvious upgrade on his passing stats.

About the biggest boost, who will get the chance?

Normally, it the player’s stats is very low, he will have the biggest boost, such as those player from he Most Consistent but never IF TOTS.

About the player category of the player on a TOTS card, can he change it?

Yes, he can change it, but it is not in the MC TOTS.The bronze player’s rating will increase to 64 if he get a TOTS card in the normal TOTS; and the silver player’s rating will increase to 74 if he get a TOTS card, but they will be changed during the TOTS season if their ratings have been 64 or 74 before the TOTS. If the player has changed his category on the previous IF card, he can change his category from the one he has in his regular cards.

About the consoles that release the TOTS cards

PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC will release the TOTS CARDS.

About the upgrade of the OTW Cards, will they be upgraded during the TOTS?

No, the OTW cards are only effected by the new versions of the TOTW.

About the TOTW, will it released at the same time of TOTS

Yes, TOTW will be released on every Wednesday.

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