FIFA 17: The Most Solid Line of Defense in Europe

“Marca” pointed out that Bonucci, Barzagli, Chiellini, Buffon together create the most solid line of defense in Europe. The four players playing for Juventus have reached 1922 games, the number of trophies have increased to 53, the total age has reached 137 years old. They experiences a lot of battles, and make the chain-type defense practice into a bright spot, tp be the admirable art. They are supporting the mainstay of the Allegri team, and have helped the team to get the honor of the double title for three times. 6 consecutive champions for Serie A, they are also in the family portrait of the team to win the matches.


Now, they will face Real Madrid challenge in the Champions League final, can Europe’s most solid walls withstand the impact of the Real Madrid that is led by Cristiano Ronaldo?



“BBC? They can also be our Buffon, Bonucci and Chiellini.” Allegri said. In the Champions League final, Juventus version of the BBC will work together to bring problem to the Zidane’s team. They want to block Real Madrid. In the Champions League’s 12 games this season, Juventus only lost 3 goals, and all three balls are positioning ball. They are the team who lost goals the least in the Champions League. 1/8 final against Porto, 1/4 final against Barcelona, semi-final against Monaco, Buffon’s door was only broke by Kylian Mbappé. In the knockout, Buffon had 691 minutes without losing the ball.


For the Serie A’s 38 rounds matches, Juventus only lost 27 goals, they are the third team in the fifth largest league in Europe who lose the least goals, following by Bayern (lost 22 goals) and Tottenham Hotspur (lost 26 balls). In the tournament 56 games, Juventus also lost only 38 goals, averaging only lossing 0.67 goal. 39-year-old Buffon in the 11 Champions League games did not lose goals in seven games, and Buffon is no doubt the leader of Juventus, he did not aging, but continue to bring a sense of security to the line of defense.


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