FIFA 17: Real Madrid’s Worst Enemy Appeared

Every year in January and February. It is the most intensive time for the la liga Schedule, because of the launch of the king’s cup, the La Liga giants are basically three fronts, not only compete the La Liga matches, but also busy in the king’s cup and champions league, it is also true with the real Madrid, Barcelona and atletico Madrid. However, for the most intense moments in the race, real Madrid suffered the most terrible enemy – injuries!

Before competing against Celta, Real Madrid’s camp came out one piece of bad news, first-choice right-back Carvajal got injury, and was expected to miss the match for a month, may not join matches up to 10, this can’t help making real Madrid fan heart feel worried and disappointed. This match competing against celta, danilo started theline-up, but performance was not satisfied, real Madrid’s first goal losing was derived from the breakthrough of the other party on the right.


In fact, in addition to Carvajal, there are a lot of injuries in real Madrid. In this Match against celta, Roberto Mayoral Asensio has been carelessly trampled, finally the palm of his hand was bandaged, zinedine zidane also confirmed that after the game, Roberto Mayoral Asensio’s hand got injury.

For the defense line, pepe always is in his rehabilitation. Because of a calf injury, pepe missed the club World Cup match, but he always did not appear in 2017. His match last time was on December 10, real Madrid home game 3-2 won over Deportivo de La Coruña. In addition, the Portuguese star Fábio Coentrão always is in the struggle with injuries.

Compared to two years ago, real Madrid suffered injuries in February fixtures, and pepe and sergio ramos, James Rodríguez are missing the matches, each front of the galaxy warships crashes, eventually cropped failures.

For Real Madrid, the bench strength is Europe’s top one, again even though with hard life, strong team again, for any team, injuries are an insurmountable mountain.

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