FIFA 17: Real Madrid Wants to Sign Hazard

The rumors about Real Madrid acquisition of Hazard was released by the Spanish media, which is likely to mean that the Bernabeu side began to take action to make momentum. In this regard, the British “Daily Mail” analyzes, Hazard is likely to become the first player in history who worth 100 million pounds.


“Daily Mail” expressed that Real Madrid opened the Operation Eden Hazard, but in order to have the opportunity to sign the Chelsea trump card, Bernabeu might have to pay the transfer fee which will break the world record. Once it offers the price that is higher than Bogba (¬£ 89.3m), whether Chelsea can resist the temptation will be unknown.



Chelsea has not yet received any offer, and the Blues does not want to release, and tries to renew Hazard. From Hazard ‘s own wishes, Hazard is no hurry to seek to leave the team this summer, that is to say, the next season, the possibility that Belgians still play in Chelsea may be great. But the “Daily Mail” said, “history told us that Real Madrid usually can get the player who it wants to sign”, if the Bernabeu this summer really wants to sign Hazard, and has serious action, then Chelsea probably has a headache. Zidane appreciates Hazard very much, and the player himself also expresses his desire for Real Madrid, next summer will appear to be a suitable time, but if Real Madrid will move ahead of this summer, I am afraid it will set off a non-constant battle.


“Daily Mail” said that according to the current market conditions, once Real Madrid really has action, then the transaction price may exceed 100 million pounds of the ruler, after all, in today’s football altar, players who are worthy of the big price are so few ,And Hazard is one of the hottest players of them.


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