FIFA 17: Real Madrid President Warned Isco Not to Distracted Real Madrid

Real Madrid lost to Valencia on the visiting field, so that the Bernabeu high-level felt unhappy. This is what the high-level did not expect, but Real Madrid’s internal atmosphere has not been very good recently, and a big reason is because Isco spread the question in his own fate on leaving or staying. The contract between Isco and Real Madrid will be expired on June 30, 2018, he has not yet renewed with Real Madrid, and recently Isco said a lot of uncertain words about his future. At the top manager of Real Madrid, the words from Isco are not too responsible, it can be said that it has brought a negative impact on the whole team, and even the team’s record have been affected.

According to the Spanish “Marca” report, the high-level managers of the Real Madrid including  President Florentino has warned Isco, executives believed that in the critical stage of the season, Isco should not let the problem of his future become the focus of the debate. Real Madrid is now competing for the championship, the players can not be distracted, the club executives do not want to talk about the topic. On the issue of renewal, the club hopes to discuss after the end of the season.

The words from Isco was also disgusted by Zidane, though he expressed his understanding of Isco’s dissatisfaction with the present situation. And the data shows that Isco is one of the top 10 players used by Zidane in this season. Zidane hoped that the event become small, but he will also use his own way to manage the team, as before dealing with James Ro’ríguez’s dissatisfaction.

Lost to Valencia surely brought some unease for Real Madrid. At this time, the loyalty of the players can bring peace to the team, and the words from Isco is clearly unfavorable to the team together. Real Madrid executives hoped Isco keep going to play well, put the renewal issue aside, as long as he perform well, then he will certainly get more time to play on the pitch.

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