FIFA 17 Real Madrid: Casemiro to Be the MVP on the UEFA Champions League

After the real Madrid competed against S.S.C. Napoli, many media have commented Casemiro as the best player in this game. The Brazilian player has been very outstanding on the defensive, and it he has scored an incredible wave in this game. Casemiro in front of the forbidden zone half-volley to score a goal, the goalkeeper of the S.S.C. Napoli Pepe Reina has nothing to do. Casemiro is the team’s insurance, after the uefa, he also is commented as the “MVP” of this game.

The newspaper Aspen joked that Casemiro is zidane’s bodyguard, as long as he is in the state, zinedine zidane could be relieved. Casemiro has become a member of the indispensable in the eyes of zidane and the real Madrid players, because in the real Madrid team, he is the only one who can guard defense security of the anchor. He can perfectly perform complex tasks that need to be done by the defending midfielder. For S.S.C. Napoli, he was kicked out again a high level competition, and a magical goal is reasonable reward for him.

Casemiro is that kind of player who is not keen to hero status, he naturally accepts his supporting position. But in the game, he should originally obscure work behind the scenes, he walked to the front the pitch and has made a great goal. That is at the 54th minute, benzema scooped out of the right corner of the area cross, and Casemiro without waiting the ball falling to the ground, from the door on the right side of 25 meters outside the right foot instep volley precession corner, real Madrid 3 to 1 lead the goal, and Casemiro on behalf of real Madrid UEFA Champions League scored two goals in the 16 shootings, and both are scoring goals in the forbidden zone.

After the game when it comes to his own goals, and Casemiro, said: “this is our training for a long time, thank god, we play out. We every day are in training, because I still want to plug in in principle, to shot outside of the box.”

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