FIFA 17: Pepe Waits Real Madrid until the Last Second

After getting injured on Saturday Derby, Pepe caused a great deal of attention. Although the hospital issued a diagnosis book “left 7th and 8th fractured a bone, and need 4 weeks to rest”, the pessimistic fans are still worried with the Atletico Derby, and it may become a curtain game for Pepe in Real Madrid. When he was called to be substituted in the game, the Bernabeu also sounded: “Pepe, please stay”.

Pepe is not the first that encountered such a injury, a King’s Cup on January 16, 2015, the opponent was also Atletico, the injured parts also the same ribs, Pepe after 35 days returned the team. So that even if his recovery period is for a month, it is also the end of the season. If Raphaël Varane in early May can normally return to the team, perhaps Zidane will not be in the last two games to arrange Pepe to take risk. “This is too unfair to Pepe. Although when he transferred to Real Madrid in 2007, there is no visibility, Pepe in the past decade, for the team made a great contribution, he should have a more solemn Of the farewell ceremony. “The media commented on Saturday night when reported Pepe’s injury.

“But I have already said that I will wait for Real Madrid to the last minute. This team is my love, I am through unremitting efforts to be able to come to this step. Anyway, I think this season also has a lot of things to do, I will return to the team as soon as possible.” Because Real Madrid next season has a plan to recall the Parella, so for the Pepe’s renewal, it is difficult to reach an agreement, unless he accepted only one year contract conditions. But Pepe said that he just wants to recover as soon as possible, and then contribute to the team, but it is what the media journalists are willing to hear. This at least means that he can catch the game before the end of the season, Real Madrid also want to hold him a more decent farewell ceremony with league or Champions League trophy.

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