FIFA 17: Paulo Dybala Is Good Suggestion for Your Striker

When you are playing the FIFA 17 game, if you want to increase the value of your team, and want to build a legacy, you are suggested to consider picking a young and promising striker. And among all the strikers in FIFA 17, here Paulo Dybala will be recommended to you.


This young striker is only 22 years old, and he is from Juventus club, and he is over the rating of 85, and now has the potential of 92, and now he is costing £70m and his wage is £150,000. Just check for more reviews on FIFA COINS BUYING.


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Robo fifa coin


For this young footballing player, he nearly has excellent performance at everything. And featuring the skills of four stars, and dribbling of 90, and acceleration of 91, he is great to meet your demand on requiring a dribbler. And if you hope to get a poacher, he also can meet your needs by his positioning of 85 and finishing of 89; and if you hope to get score from the distance at the pitch, you can also make it by him because of his shot power of 80 and long shots of 86. If you want to know the score that he can make, I will tell you that it includes volleys, free kicks, penalties, etc. and for something that he lacks for the game, it is only the heading, but just do not worry about it, as it can be trained. For every team, the prolific goalscorer is needed, and this position player could put away the chance week out and week in. And he went up the top rankings at a very rapid speed when he is at Juventus, from which we can also see that this young guy is really promising, so just do not miss him when you snap up a striker, or you may feel regrettable.

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