FIFA 17: Neymar’s Worst Match in Barcelona Career

At the crucial moment, Barcelona’s MSN portfolio performed poorly, and after losing to Juventus, Messi and Neymar also suffered criticism. Barcelona was troubled by the injury, the fans had hoped that Messi, Neymar and Suarez can play a decisive role, but this time they are disappointing. Barcelona’s “Daily Sport newspaper” after the game said Neymar’s performance is ” the worst one since he joined Barcelona”, for the total score of 10, “Daily Sport newspaper” only gave Neymar 3 points. The newspaper commented: “The Brazilian poor performance in a game, he was diluted, in the field he is nothing.” Alves and Quadrado blocked his winger, blocked all his chances. It was one of the worst games he had in Barcelona, and he had to think about it, because it was not possible to play such a sad game if he wanted to be the number one in the world.

“World Sports Daily” called Neymar “disappeared”, “in the game against Malaga and after suffering a ban penalty, the fans expectations on Neymar were great, and Alves in the first half also got a yellow card, but Neymar was disappointed, and in the second half he tried to show, but the status was the same as the first half almost, or almost can not touch the ball. ” “Daily Sport newspaper ” gives Messi 6 points, and said he “played depressedly”, “in the case of the overall maladjustment of the team, his performance in the first half is commendable, but the strength in the next half was reduced, the team has also been affected. When the Argentine star face had confused look, it showed that there was some serious problems on the court, and this season we have seen Messi ‘s head down for many times.”

Messi is Barcelona’s miracle goddess, but this time also failed to score, and if there is a goal, then Barcelona still has hope.

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