FIFA 17: Neymar Was Criticized by Michael Lustig?

Neymar is the wizard on the football field, but not everyone agrees with his way of playing football, the Soviet Union Celtics defender Michael Lustig pointed out that the Neymar is a big “actor” in football history when talking about Neymar bluntly. Of course, the reason why Lustig has this view of on Neymar, is also because they had a dispute in the game.

On November 23 last year, Barcelona and the Celtics had a Champions League group match game, on the game Barcelona won over with the result of 2 to 0, and in the Celtics Park Stadium, Lustig battled with Neymar all the game, the two sides even spited each other, and in the second half, both of them got a yellow card.

Lustig is currently working on the Swedish national team, and when journalists let him point out the worst “actor” in the football world, Lustig did not hesitate to give the name: “it is Neymar. He easily fell down, you can hardly touch him. He is the greatest ‘actor’ of football ‘.

Although criticized Neymar, Michael Lustig also pointed out the powerful features of Neymar: “Neymar is much stronger than me, because of this, to fight with him, you must get close to him, and sometimes you need to play some tricks, drill into his head to guess what he wants to do.

For Barcelona, when compared to the Champions League champions team two years ago, people judge their own – although at that time Neymar has not yet grown to the height of today, Barcelona’s overall defense system, passing and controling fluency and the reasonable degree of the personnel allocation is better than this year. And Messi at that time can be said to be even more excellent than today, so”sharp”, that year’s midfield, also was at the peak, and then the Barcelona line of defense, was far better than today’s players to reassure.

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