Fifa 17 News – Things You Need to Know about the Halloween Cards

For the FUT 17 Ultimate Scream Cards, here are something that you should know in details:

About the concept of Ultimate Scream card

It is awarded to the players selection for the aim of Halloween celebration.

About the time to release the FIFA 17 Halloween card

It begin to release from 21-10-2016 to 28-10-2016.

About the valid duration of the FIFA 17 Halloween card that is available in the packs of FIFA

It is available for 7 days.

About the person who will choose the FUT Ultimate Scream card

Of course it is EA Sports will choose.

where to buy fifa 17 coins

where to buy fifa 17 coins

About the doubt that whether the rating of the Ultimate Scream player will be changed?

Of course it will not change. For the fifa 17 Halloween card ratings and stats, both are like that of the original NIF card, apart from the Halloween holiday from 28-10-2016 to 1-11-2016.

About the way to get the FUT Ultimate Scream cards

The way to get these cards are just like the way you get other kinds of cards: the first way is to get it on transfer market and the other way is to get it on packs. And to be the lucky one to get it on backs, just use the fifa coins or other coins to buy it at store.

About the way to get the FIFA 17 Halloween card in packs of FUT

Just like the way of that of getting the respective day 1 cards at other time, it is applied for you to get the specific Halloween cards.

About where to find the FIFA 17 Halloween cards in FUT Pack

You can find it in any packs in your cards. It is obvious that you will get more possibility to find one card when you are opening it that will contain many player cards.

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