FIFA 17 NEWS: Squad Building Challenges

Even though the FIFA 17 has been released by EA company in the end of September, there are still a lot of surprise when we experience the branded new FIFA 17 as it has a plenty of new features, including The New Career Mode, The New Frostbite Engine, The New Gameplay Of Ultimate Team, The New Story Mode, The New Set Piece Rewrite, The New Active Intelligence System, etc. And the FIFA 13 record also was broke by the FIFA 17 with one week time after it has been released in the UNITED KINGDOM, and also it has won the Drastic Rival PES 2017. Being a famous football game, the FIFA game always tries it best to the Micro-Operation, and the Competition Process will be effected by the Manipulation. The FIFA 17 has successfully keep the action of the players to continue, and the New Frostbite Engine increases the experience of the FIFA 17 greatly. Check best place to buy fifa 17 coins for your fifa coins buying.


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When we still are on the way of exploring the FIFA 17 gameplay, it has made the Halloween update in time, that is A Scary New Ultimate Team. The Ultimate Scream Event ended the running by 1st November, and there were a lot of players items for you to choose from at that time, together with the a bunch Of New Squad Building Challenges for you to finish and also included the New Kit. 23 players from the Ultimate Scream were available in FIFA 17 packs during that time 21st October – 28th October, who had upgraded ratings to be unique items.


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