FIFA 17 NEWS: Luis Suarez the Best Finisher

Before releasing the FIFA 17 game, the top 50 players was released by the EA Company. For some games fans, maybe they tend to buy those players that are famous. However, it is not the right thing all the time, as it will be very worthy for you to buy those players who are much more promising even though they are not so famous at the moment and not at a higher payment. Here we will recommend one of the best Finisher for you in the FIFA 17 FUT – Luis Suarez. Check Robo fifa 17 coins to get cheapest fifa coins.


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Being an excellent finisher, Luis Suarez is from Barcelona club with the finishing rate of 94. Not to mention the Famous Barcelona Team-Mate of Luis Suarez of the The Pretty Pressing Claims, now he is the Best Finisher In Europe without any doubt, and this can be a very good explaination on the question that In 53 Appearances Last Term why he got the score of 59. And there is a fact that, he ranked near Neymar and Messi, which makes the result turn to be not fair. Uruguayan ranked in the second place in the rating of Finishing Stakes in FIFA 17. Being a combination of Ball Control of 91, Curve of 86, Volleys of 88 and Shot Power of 87, Acceleration Of 88, it makes Luis Suarez a Bona-Fide Threat from all aspects. Visit reviews for more choices.


It will be a small pity that Carlos Tevez has not entered the top 20 ranks for the Best Finisher list, even though he ranked the second place in last year, and he is not the only one whose ranking drop quickly, as other famous best Finishers of last year such as Robin Van Persie, Alexandre Lacazette, Hulk, Wayne Rooney are also out of the ranks. From this point of view, we can see that it is a branded new ranking list for the most Gifted Strikers Of The Ball in this year.

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